Annual Congress of Anaesthesiology & Intensive Care Medicine 2019

Dear Councillors,

You will recall in 2017 that you participated in a survey on access to cannabinoids products in Europe. The survey, published in the EJP, can be found below.

The EFIC Task Force on Cannabinoids, led by Winfried Hauser and Silviu Brill, has been given the task of regularly updating this survey.

You will find attached a template for each chapter to complete concerning the status in their country, focusing on

  • the legal framework
  • reimbursement policy
  • availability
  • position paper of the national pain society

If nothing has changed since the survey was last completed, you just need to confirm that this is the case.

If there have been changes, we would like you to complete the table indicating the updates.

Examples have been provided from Germany and Israel for you to understand how to complete the template.

If there is a cannabinoids expert from your chapter who can complete the survey on behalf of your chapter, that would be great. If you do not complete the survey personally, please indicate who completed the survey on behalf of your chapter.

We would like to receive the survey by Monday 10th June.