Irish Pain Society’s Annual Scientific Meeting

1Laserina and Susan

Dr Josh Keaveny, Dean of the Faculty of Pain Medicine, Dr Susan Murphy, Mr Bernard Kennedy, Mundipharma, and Prof Laserina O’Connor, IPS President.

15 Susan and laserina

Prof  Laserina O’Connor, Dr Susan  Murphy winner of best clinical poster and Dr Brona Fullen, UCD

5 Laserina and medal winner
Ms Rachel Moloney, winner of best poster, Mr  Bernard Kennedy, Mundipharma Prof Laserina O’Connor, and Dr Josh Keaveny.

4 Laserina and medal winner

Dr Line Caes, runner up winner for best poster, Mr  Bernard Kennedy, Mundipharma,  Prof Laserina O’Connor, and Dr Josh Keaveny.

2 Elaine Doonan Laserina

Ms Elaine Doonan, winner of the Nurse Education Scholarship

Thank you to Mundipharma for kindly sponsoring the awards.

16 posters 2

Thank you all Poster Presenters

17 Mundipharma and Conor

Aoife Smith and Bernard Kennedy, Mundipharma and Dr Conor Hearty

19 Speakers

Mr Tadhg O’Dwyer, Dr Clare Daniel, Speakers and Dr Hugh Gallagher, IPS Committee Member

13 grainne and david andrew

Dr Grainne Rooney, IPS Committee Member and Dr David Andrew,  Speaker

27 siobhan o'halloran

Dr Siobhan O’Halloran, Speaker and Dr Frank Chambers

20 david finn

21 attendees

22 laserina

Prof Laserina O’Connor, IPS President

18 David

Dr David Andrew, Speaker

11 Hugh and Kieran O'Sullivan

Dr Hugh Gallagher, IPS Committee Member and Mr Kieran O’Sullivan, Speaker

23 rachel neary

Ms Ruth Neary, Poster Presenter

24 attendees

25 attendees

33 siobhan

Dr Siobhan O’Halloran, Chief Nursing Officer, Department of  Health

26 attendees

31 conor

Dr Conor Hearty

29 poster presenters

28 attendee

10 tadhg odwyer

Mr Tadhg O’Dwyer, ASM Speaker

3 Laserina and Ipad winner

Prof Laserina O’Connor and Ms Alex Kelly, winner of the IPad competition

9 attendees

7 attendees