Dear IPS and IPRN Members,

Share your views, insights, and current practices on sex and gender as variables in pain research.

An international group of 30 pain research experts invite you to complete a survey to understand current methodological approaches for the study of sex and gender as variables in pain, with the aim of developing consensus recommendations and a research roadmap in this very important area.

This Networking group, termed PAINDIFF, has been established to (a)identify areas of methodological consensus and best practice on sex and gender in pain research, (b) identify gaps in methodological knowledge and (c) develop consensus recommendations and set out a research roadmap and priority areas for further investigation of sex and gender in pain.

Who can take part?

Anybody active in pain research. Please feel free to circulate this email to your team and network.

What does the study involve?

Participation involves completing an online survey. It will take approximately 15 minutes to complete and is completed anonymously – no personally identifying information is required. You are not obliged to take part and can leave the survey at anytime before completing and submitting.


The deadline for completing this survey is Friday 19th April 2024.


The study is funded by the Network of European Funding for Neuroscience Research ERA-NET NEURON and Health Research Board Ireland grant (grant number: ERA NET NEURON-NG-2022-2).

Ethics Approval

Ethics approval for the survey was obtained from the University of Galway’s Research Ethics Committee (ID no. 2024.01.013). The researchers respect your privacy and all responses will be anonymized.



Any questions about this survey can be sent to the following study leaders at University of Galway:

Dr. Michelle Roche

Prof. Brian McGuire

Prof. David Finn

PAINDIFF NetworkPartners: Michelle Roche, Brian McGuire, David Finn, Simon Beggs, KatelynnBoerner, Karen Davis, Ruth Defrin, Yves De Koninck, Hemakumar Devan, HertaFlor, Brona Fullen, Catherine Healy, Edmund Keogh, John Kenny, RohiniKuner, Miriam Kunz, Stefan Lautenbacher, Emeran Mayer, Jeffrey Mogil,Siobhain O’Mahony, Kieran O’Sullivan, Louise Riordan, Michael Salter, FrancescoScarlatti, Kathleen Sluka, George Shorten, Jennifer Stinson, Kevin Vowles,Suellen Walker, Ipek Yalcin.